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Livestock System

The MAEAP Livestock System Primarily focuses on environmental issues related to livestock activities, including manure handling, storage and field application, as well as conservation practices to protect water and prevent soil erosion. The Livestock System targets all Michigan livestock farms, regardless of species or size. The Livestock System concentrates on production and conservation practices, equipment, structures and management activities associated with animal production.

For livestock producers, the ultimate accomplishment in MAEAP is Livestock System verification. Some producers may elect to immediately pursue the completion of a CNMP and verification. However, many livestock producers may find that using the Livestock*A*Syst  will assist the producer in smaller, progressive steps of environmental improvement that are more economical and practical.

Those with contracted CNMP’s will be asked to hire a Certified TSP within 30 days to begin their CNMP development.  They will be instructed to go to the TechReg site to ensure the person is certified.  The link for the site is below.


Once a plan to address the risks identified in the CNMP or the completed Livestock*A*Syst  and immediate risks of groundwater and surface water contamination have been implemented, farmers can contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to request Livestock System verification (517-284-5609 or An MDARD MAEAP verifier will visit the farm to verify that the Livestock*A*Syst or CNMP has been implemented and to ensure that the farmer is addressing all applicable environmental risks.

On-farm records are an important component for a producer to show they are following the CNMP/Livestock*A*Syst. During the visit, MDARD staff verify the implementation of the plan to ensure that the livestock producer is in compliance with agricultural and environmental laws and regulations.

Once a farm is "verified," a farmer will be offered a MAEAP sign for display. If needed, an additional sign may be purchased. The producer is also eligible for rebates, cost-share incentives, low-cost lending and reduced liability insurance premiums from participating companies, organizations or associations.

MAEAP verification is valid for five years. In order to maintain MAEAP verification, a farmer must review the appropriate risk assessment (A*Syst) with their local conservation district technician and request a site visit from MDARD by calling (517) 284-5609.  

To get started, attend a MAEAP educational session.

The following resources can help the livestock producer prepare for the MDARD verifier visit:

Some helpful resources for this system:

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CNMP Components:

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