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MAEAP Grows in 2012, Sets Big Goals for 2013

Posted on 2013-2-15EST6:52PM

Since Governor Rick Snyder signed the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) into law in 2011 with Public Acts 1 and 2, the program has been hard at work to meet the Governor’s goal of 5,000 verifications by 2015.

Growing this innovative, proactive and voluntary program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks is helping more and more farms to be environmentally-friendly while still being economically viable.

In fiscal year 2012, MAEAP more than achieved its goals, with 356 new verifications and 192 reverifications, thanks to the hard work and dedication of partners, MAEAP technicians and verifiers and hundreds of farms statewide.

Jamie Clover Adams took the helm at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as Director in July 2012 when former Director Keith Creagh moved to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and her continued support of the program has been key to building its success.

To continue the positive momentum and keep progressing toward that 5,000 goal, Michigan now has two new MAEAP verifiers, Dan Busby and Erin Satchell, who join Josh Appleby, Joe Kelpinski and Tom Young to complete the third and final phase of MAEAP with farmers – verification. Additional MAEAP technicians are also on board this year to help out with education, on-farm risk assessments and implementing changes to minimize those risks.

Farmers can find a MAEAP technician or verifier in their area by visiting the newly redesigned MAEAP Partnership Web site at, which launched in April.

The Web site contains helpful information, like maps and tools, and also features educational videos, and news articles and a photo gallery highlighting verified farms. MAEAP joined the Facebook community, too, in 2012, to connect with farmers, partners and supporters – have you "liked" MAEAP yet?

MAEAP is reaching even higher in 2013, aiming for 700 new verifications and 300 more reverifications. Are you ready? To find out how to get your farm started with MAEAP, visit or contact your local Conservation District.

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