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MAEAP PSA November 2012

Posted on 2012-12-14EST4:00PM

MAEAP PSA November 2012

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, commonly referred to as MAEAP, is an innovative, proactive, and voluntary program. 

MAEAP is helping farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent and minimize agricultural pollution risks. 

The program is designed to reduce farmers’ legal and environmental risks through a three-phase process:

First attend an education session.

Second complete a farm-specific risk assessment.

And third, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development verifier conducts an on-farm verification, ensuring you have implemented environmentally sound practices.

That MAEAP sign out front shows your peers and neighbors that you’re environmentally assured, committed to agricultural stewardship and protecting the environment.

Contact your local conservation district technician and start process of getting MAEAP verified.

For more information about the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program visit