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Pesticide Applicator Credits Granted for MAEAP Verification

Posted on 2012-3-30EDT12:42PM

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan farmers who have achieved verification in the Farmstead or Cropping Systems through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) will be eligible for eight core pesticide applicator re-certification credits.  Re-verified Cropping or Farmstead Systems, completed three or more years after the initial verification, will be eligible for four core pesticide applicator re-certification credits.  The MAEAP verification pesticide applicator re-certification credits are available for Systems verified after January 1, 2012.

The verification credits are in addition to the pesticide applicator re-certification credits already available for completing environmental risk assessments with Farm *A* Syst and Crop*A*Syst. This recognition is based on the number of hours of pesticide-related technical support work completed by the farmer and the conservation district MAEAP technician after an environmental risk assessment in preparation for MAEAP System verification.

It was determined an average of 12 hours of pesticide related technical work is done to mitigate pesticide related environmental risks on the Farmstead System and 18 hours for the Cropping System. 

Activities supported by technician activities in preparation for System verification include: developing an emergency farm plan; reporting extremely hazardous substances stored on the farm to the local emergency planning committee and the State; maintaining required setbacks for pesticide storages from wells and surface water; preparing environmentally sensitive field maps; identifying pesticide use restrictions for pesticides with groundwater or surface water use restrictions; assisting with pesticide inventory control; and proper disposal of unwanted or unusable pesticides.  Most of these activities fall outside the scope of regulatory requirements but enhance environmental protection efforts. 

Pesticide applicator re-certification credits are awarded to the owner/applicator of the MAEAP verified farm.  The applicator must be currently certified and either own or lease the farming system.  Farmers with multiple cropping systems at one location must have all enterprises evaluated for environmental risks and verified to be eligible for Cropping System pesticide applicator re-certification credits.  Farmers with multiple farming locations may receive credits for only one Farmstead System and one Cropping System.

For additional information on pesticide applicator re-certification credits and other producer incentives for MAEAP verification, farmers are encouraged to contact their MAEAP technician.  MAEAP technicians are housed at local conservation district offices. To find your local office go to For information about MAEAP visit

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